• Telecom & Utilities

    Hanson McClain has partnered with thousands of people like you from the Telecom and utility sectors to help ensure smooth retirement transitions and better lives.

Telecom & Utility Company Employees

After 25 years of working with telecom and utility company employees, we know your plans are some of the most complex in the country. It takes an advisory group that is experienced with these types of plans to navigate and maximize the opportunities that are available to you. We help you:

  • Understand how the different “parts” of your pension plan work
  • Calculate the long-term advantages of lump sum rollovers versus monthly payments
  • Maximize your 401(k) savings plan benefits
  • Evaluate your options in the event of a company downsize

When it comes to retirement, careful planning and preparation are essential. Many of the telecom and utility company employees that we’ve worked with came to us years before they retired.

Who is looking out for you?

Your plan, and the opportunities available to you, are constantly evolving based on economic factors and changing interest rates that could be worth thousands of dollars in future income. Understanding everything that’s available to you through your plan, and then making your money work for you, is an essential part of retiring well.

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