• Partnering with Us

    Hanson McClain has grown to over $2 billion under management by providing a scalable, client-centric model that enables advisors to spend their time doing what they do best – advising clients.

Let’s Work Together

For over 20 years, Hanson McClain has provided straightforward, unbiased investment advice and an education-first approach to retirement planning. This model has seen us grow from a single desk in Sacramento, to an award-winning company with over 70 employees, 7,000 clients, and multiple offices in Sacramento, San Francisco and Denver.


Now, we’re going to do even more. Empowered by a belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to receive financial advice that is in their best interest, we’re seeking like-minded, established individuals and firms to join us as we expand our client-first model from coast-to-coast.


Why partner with Hanson McClain? Here are three reasons.

A Focus on Education and Outreach

We prioritize consumer education as both a way to help existing clients and to attract new people to the firm. Our no-sales approach has not only allowed us to establish a brand that consumers trust, it’s enabled us to enjoy enviable retention rates while simultaneously generating a steady flow of referrals from existing clients.


For over two decades, we’ve produced Hanson McClain’s Money Matters, a weekly, call in, financial-topic radio program. Broadcasting in major markets throughout the West, and via podcast, this popular program educates consumers, engages clients, and consistently drives new business to the firm.

Thousands of people attend our seminars and workshops. These topical events are designed to be both educational and informational, and they result in hundreds of appointments that heavily contribute to the steady growth we enjoy each year.

Each week our in-house writing team produces original, timely articles and blogs delivered electronically to tens-of-thousands of clients and prospective clients. Hanson McClain is a frequent contributor to numerous national consumer and business-to-business publications, including Kiplinger’s, CNBC, Forbes, InvestmentNews, Financial Advisor Magazine, and others, allowing for greater consumer and industry outreach and ever-present brand awareness.

From digital advertising and search engine marketing, to social media, to the use of targeted videos filmed in our state-of-the-art broadcast studio, Hanson McClain is an investment advisory leader in the electronic marketing space. We’ve identified the key channels and tactics that enable us to reach future clients via the latest digital technology.

Comprehensive Advisor Support

Our internal processes and systems are designed so that advisors spend their time communicating with and planning for clients, and not marketing.


Our marketing and education-first approaches attract thousands of potential clients to our offices for meetings with advisors each year. Our in-house marketing department screens all incoming future-client calls to make certain they meet the minimum investible asset requirements (and other criteria) that are necessary to qualify for appointments. By managing all scheduling, we free advisors up from any of the time-consuming business development responsibilities endemic at other firms.

To ensure they receive the best service possible, our clients are assigned a dedicated team of client-service professionals, and not subjected to a call center. Every call is answered by an actual person. Our client service teams handle all advisor-support matters and most paperwork, and manage the scheduling of periodic existing-client phone and in-person reviews. This frees up our advisors to do what they do best.

Our investment management is fully centralized and turnkey, emphasizing low-cost ETFs and mutual funds. Our systems and processes are fully automated so that advisors aren’t spending their time placing trades or dealing with portfolio rebalances. We offer several custodial options, including TD Ameritrade, Schwab, Fidelity, and others.

Building a National RIA

We’re offering selected individuals and firms the potential to be a part of the coast-to-coast expansion of a fiduciary financial planning and investment management RIA with a client-centric approach to advising.


We believe the marketplace is desperate for a national model where clients receive unbiased advice without being subjected to financial product sales. There are very few major firms in existence today that provide true fee-based comprehensive retirement planning and non-proprietary investment management.

Whether a client meets with an advisor in Sacramento, Syracuse or San Antonio, they will have the exact same experience. Because our advisors aren’t incentivized to sell financial products, and because our advisors use our client-first financial planning process, the client experience is consistent from office-to-office and coast-to-coast.

If you’re looking for the opportunity to partner with a company that truly places clients at the heart of its business, contact us today at partnerships@hansonmcclain.com. We’d love to talk to you about the future.


If you’re looking for the opportunity to partner with a company that truly places clients at the heart of its business, contact us today at partnerships@hansonmcclain.com. We’d love to talk to you about the future.