Life in Retirement


13Oct, 2017

3 Retirement Facts You Should Know

Your retirement isn’t something that can be plotted on a straight line. You need to position yourself to withstand the unexpected, while also preparing yourself for what’s most likely to happen. Be it: The m [...]

14Sep, 2017

4 Tips to a Healthier Retirement

Have you recently reached a career milestone, or gotten a promotion? Or, have you already retired? After you accomplish something meaningful, there’s nothing better than allowing yourself a reward, or even [...]

25Aug, 2017

The Key to a Longer, More Satisfying Retirement

Retired? Getting ready to retire? What’s the biggest issue you’ll face? Not only is the answer to the above question important, it’s been my experience that identifying it could save your life. I’m referrin [...]

27Jul, 2017

4 Ways to Meet Your Retirement Medical Expenses

It might be the biggest one. Once you retire, your out-of-pocket medical bills could eat up more of your retirement budget than anything outside of housing (and they might even be more).[1] One of the most [...]

15Jun, 2017

3 Things to Consider Before You Relocate

You’ve probably thought about moving to a new region, or maybe even another country. 60 percent of all people between the ages of 50 and 65 consider such a move likely, with most of those eyeing a new home t [...]

19May, 2017

5 Reasons Life is Better After 50

You’re getting better. That’s right! Contrary to popular culture’s sometimes irritating depiction of people over 50, recent university studies prove you actually get better with age. [1] How? Here are ju [...]

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