• Quarterly Market Update

    Hanson McClain CEO Scott Hanson teams up with our Chief Market Strategist David Schauer to appraise the economic and market occurrences of the previous quarter. The two then discuss the outlook for the economy going forward.

2019 First Quarter Market Update

The first quarter of 2019 is now history, but the impressions that remain are notable for their sameness (compared to the last 10 years). In this edition of Quarterly Market Update, Hanson McClain Co-CEO Scott Hanson, and Chief Market Strategist David Schauer, discuss how December 2018’s market downturn didn’t continue into the New Year, and what investors can learn from trends, be they up or down. The two then discuss the first inverted yield curve in 12 years (2007), before moving on to the recent decline of long-term treasury rates, which surprised some experts.