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15Aug, 2018

Beyond the 4% Rule

It’s no simple task to accurately calculate your retirement income needs all on your own. Sure, there are people who endorse something called the 4% Rule. But that one-size-fits-all approach neglects [...]

28Jun, 2018

3 Dangers of Chasing Dividends

Are you chasing dividends? I recently reviewed the investment allocation of someone whose broker had passed away. Almost all of the stocks she owned were in older, “name-brand” companies that paid a d [...]

3May, 2018

The 2 Thieves of Retirement Income

Easy-to-Ignore Considerations that Could Cost You a Lot of Money How much income will you need once you retire? Our clients who are reading this know that answering that question takes some digging. T [...]

7Mar, 2018

3 Potential Changes to Social Security

How the Threat of Insolvency Could Impact Your Retirement Plan If you haven’t retired, and you’re counting on a specific amount of Social Security income to augment your post-career lifestyle, you pro [...]

1Mar, 2018

Social Security: When Age Is More Than A Number

If you’re approaching age 62 and wonder about the “right” time to start collecting Social Security, you’re probably not alone. And in my experience, there are a whopping total of two ideal windows for [...]

8Feb, 2018

Will I Outlive My Money?

One of the greatest questions older Americans face as they think about retirement is, "What will it cost?" There is no simple answer, but one thing is likely: it will cost more than you think. Acco [...]

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