7 Simple Steps to Prepare for Retirement

7 Personal Decision Points

It’s something we all think about, but many of us hesitate to begin the process. Generally, people who live well in retirement do so because they took the initiative and worked with a credential advisor to create a comprehensive plan.

The 7 Personal Decision Points have been developed as a way to familiarize you with the foundational aspects of a comprehensive approach to the retirement preparation process.




9 Social Security Facts

What the government should be telling you—but isn’t.

Social Security, an essential part of your family’s retirement preparation, and something that should be a financial no-brainer, has become almost as complex as investing your money in the stock market.

Here are 9 KEY FACTS about Social Security that everyone should know the answers to.




Retiree Beware!

Avoid these common, but costly financial mistakes.

If you’ve saved well and are nearing retirement, this educational guide boils down complex topics into simple and digestible information about the people, products and promises you need to avoid.




How to Select a Financial Advisor

Do you know if an advisor has your best interest in mind?

Download “How to Select a Financial Advisor” to find an advisor that best meets your needs. In this short guide, you’ll find the answers to:

  • What are 6 must-ask questions for a prospective financial advisor?
  • Is a Financial Planner the only choice for financial advice?
  • What are 5 key points to consider when finding the right advisor for you?

By knowing the right questions to ask, you’ll end up with a better financial advisor.




Future Framework

4 Keys to a Successful Life in Retirement

Derived from groundbreaking long-term studies by Harvard, the University of Michigan, and the MBA Graduate Studies Program at UC Davis, Future Framework by Hanson McClain is for people seeking practical advice about what constitutes a well-lived retirement.




Emergency Retirement

The key points you need to consider to help you confidently manage a forced retirement.

This concise, 7-page guide will teach you what you need to know about forced retirement, and help you navigate the decisions that come with it.

Learn how to respond to a sudden or forced retirement with confidence and clearly defined goals.




Answers to Pre-Retirees’ 9 Biggest Worries

Worried about retirement?

You are not alone. 1,000’s of pre-retirees are worried about these same things:

  • Will I stay healthy?
  • Will I outlive my savings?
  • When should I take Social Security?
  • Could another financial crisis wipe me out?

Retirement education and planning can make a big difference.