Debt and Taxes


26Sep, 2018

Your 2019 Taxes: 4 Things to Do Right Now

Remember when taxes were something you began worrying about on April 1st? The good ol’ days. That’s okay. As the tax code has changed, you simply have to adapt and change with it. While by no means comprehensive—there’s a lot m [...]

17May, 2018

4 Ways to Fund Both College and Retirement

How borrowing from your retirement accounts hurts everyone.Are you on the hook for college tuition?Just about everyone understands that it’s expensive. What many people don’t plan for, however, is how they’re going to pay for it [...]

8Feb, 2018

Will I Outlive My Money?

One of the greatest questions older Americans face as they think about retirement is, "What will it cost?" There is no simple answer, but one thing is likely: it will cost more than you think. According to a 2017 study1, the [...]

15Dec, 2017

Tax Reform and Your Retirement

With a final version of sweeping tax reform hitting the Senate floor next week, we may likely see the Tax Cuts, and Jobs Act signed before the end of this year. If the bill becomes law, Americans can expect to see the largest ov [...]

10Nov, 2017

3 Factors Affecting Your Money in Retirement

After 25 years of working with people preparing for retirement, do you know what surprises them the most? All the changes. In retirement, most people experience changes in: Their lifestyle Their priorities Their day-to-day pace [...]

29Sep, 2017

3 Unique Retirement Challenges for Women

If there’s one place men and women should think a bit differently, it’s in the realm of preparing for retirement. That’s because if you’re female, your retirement needs are quite a bit different than the needs of men. But if yo [...]

17Aug, 2017

5 Key Reasons Your Net Worth is Important

Do you know what your net worth is? Many people don’t consider the importance of their net worth until they start thinking about retirement. But just as the consumer price index (CPI), the gross domestic product (GDP), and the [...]

4Aug, 2017

5 Ways Retirement Planning Helps You Retire Well

One of our longest-tenured advisors came to me to discuss the number of people who come in for their first appointments who are already working with another advisory firm. We encourage these (fact finding) appointments because, [...]

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