Our Mission and Vision

Hanson Mcclain was founded by Scott Hanson and Pat McClain in 1993 as a result of the startlingly simple observation that too many people were being held captive by the financial services industry. Most people were investing their money with large Wall Street firms or even through their local national bank branch, both of which focus on selling proprietary products (products they own or create) and investment advice that was intended to maximize corporate profits, but which often had no real value or advantages for the client.

How did Scott and Pat know this? At the earliest stages of their careers, they worked for one of these firms.

Which is how they met.

The Hanson McClain experience is unlike others. This is entirely intentional, and it exists with the well-being of the client in mind. This means that our advisors will never, (as in NEVER) recommend anything that isn’t in your best interest. This transformative approach to advising arose from the certainty that there had to be another way for people to achieve financial independence. Hanson McClain Advisors is unique. But don’t just take our word for it. Come in for yourself and see. We’d like to sell you something: the future.

The Story Behind the Our Story

Typically, what do you love about meeting with a salesperson? Almost nothing? Then you’ve come to the right place. That’s not to say that the team members of Hanson McClain Advisors won’t attempt to sell you anything, it just won’t be a useless financial product or something you don’t need. That’s not how we do business.

Our sales approach is very, very direct: service, service, and more service. Over 20 years ago, Scott Hanson and Pat McClain were working for a large financial services firm and, frankly, they hated it. They hated the quotas, the sales pressure, the encouragement by management to push products that had no real value to the client.

And so they left. They wanted to be a part of a different approach to investing, and as they worked to create Hanson McClain, they never let the bad taste that working for a predatory financial services company had left in their mouths fade.

They still talk about it today.

Forget the awards, the assets under management, and the testimonials for a moment. What should be most important to our clients, and most important to those people looking for an advisory firm, is that we are an investment fiduciary. That word may not initially mean that much to you, but it absolutely should. That’s because, as a fiduciary, we are bound by law and oath to never sell you, or recommend anything to you, that isn’t in your best interests.

Simply, if we think you don’t need an advisor, or if we think you’re determined to take more risk than it good for you, we’ll tell you, even if it means you decide to go someplace else. Conversely, if we can help you, it’s never merely because it benefits us. It’s because we know we can partner with you to help move you in a direction that’s intended to assist you in meeting your short term, and long—term, financial goals.

That’s the Hanson McClain difference. And that’s what Scott Hanson and Pat McClain set out to create over 20 years ago. And that’s never going to change. Ever.